• Judy Davis

    on September 17, 2015

    Amazing is what it is. I am awestruck by the mere numbers and the almost spiritual journey I am taking in the light of this event that changed my life forever. I wanted to hold my family close, I wanted to help the hurting, I wanted to never forget that moment in time. Thanks to these dedicated people and your articulate eye I just revisited that place in my soul. Any loss is one of the greatest human emotions we will ever experience. All the lives we lost on that fatal day brought my love for God, my country, my fellowman to a new level of intensity. It also awakened me to the truth. This can happen again. We, as Americans, live in a free country because our father's and uncles and dads fought for that freedom. Everyday that firefighter or paramedic or first responder leaves home, he or she knows the risk. We, as a people, owe a debt of gratitude to all who are here to protect each one of us and all of us. I see in this project of yours real people with real names and know because of them I can breathe a bit easier. Thank you for the wonderful, emotional and breathtaking journey you shared with me thru the lens of your camera!