• Judy Davis

    on October 28, 2015

    What beautiful creatures the horned owls are. They are very magnificent to view as well. One of God's creations, only one and yet, they have a domineering presence. The skilled handlers are very good with them. I'm sure they will do fine in the natural habitat. You have an uncanny way of capturing in your face reality no matter what venue you are in. I am continually amazed with your talent. Surely these owls are used to humans. I wonder, after they are in this habitat for a while, will they come back to humans or become a force to be reckoned with like their breed. Predators, by design and nature, now they will hunt for their survival. The faces in the crowd speaks volumes as to your expertise as well. That majestic wing span is outstanding. The intensity in their eyes is a testament to their breed. When they are in a dormant position you would never imagine what beauty unfolds when they take flight.The under tuff in their feathering looks like a down cover. Thanks for the trip. I learned a lot about a winged creature that I did not know. I had a wonderful time viewing this gallery.