• Judy Davis

    on October 28, 2015

    These are among my favorites of all creation. I am continually mesermized by the delicate detail on each different one. Unique by design, I am very conscious of every one I encounter. I see beyond Mr. McCords intricate and detailed work to a man who truly enjoys his profession. You have captured, in the best possible way, beauty at it's best. To have the beauty, the freedom, the regal presence of these creations is certainly some of God's best work. The people engaging in the warm up session for the monarch's truly had an experience of their lifetime. I can only imagine how powerful that must feel. From young to old they are all intrigued by the monarch. The delicate creature is really very resilient. You captured the beauty of the monarch and the acceptance of the people participating in this event. I continue to follow your happy trail in eager anticipation. You delivered an epic relationship in the making. Keep clicking.