• Judy Davis

    on June 22, 2015

    The more I look into the crowd, the more I see a coming together of mankind in a time of prejudice that chills my soul. It's inconceivable that anyone could be filled with so much hate when I look at the love outpouring throughout your camera lens. I can feel the pain and suffering of the mourners, relish in the garden of flowers and momentos left. I see the beauty of a community coming together under very difficult circumstances. I do NOT see color. I see unity. From the majestic church to the police and the crowd I am consoled by the reverence for sure. How could anyone walk away from this day in time and NOT have hope. I do not see hate. I see love, compassion, friendship, a consoling unified spirit of hope. Each face has a story all its own. This landmark stands now as a reminder of a place in time that I believe will always be a reminder to our society and some of the times we are living in today. I hear Rev. Martin Luther King Jr's infamous speech, I HAVE A DREAM. He had been to the mountaintop as well. Truly I commend you for sharing a very accurate portrayal of the beauty in the midst of sorrow in a way only you can feel and share with others. I'm positive this is one space of time that you will carry with you always. You lived closer than some people stood. I will treasure this piece of history you so graciously shared with me for all times. We have felt the sting of death and daily are living with these events in our lives. I'm just amazed that you are brave enough to capture the soul of this event. Thankful are we as well that those lost will forever be among their families in spirit. I'm overwhelmed by the way you provided me a window into the hearts and souls of so many people. His grace is sufficient. I finally exhaled. Very moving story unfolding in pictures. Job well done.