• Judy Davis

    on July 16, 2015

    Looking at the diversity of art forms I am amazed by many pieces. The multi cultural faces show such intense talent and are without a doubt the most detailed work I see at this show. I loved the monarch butterfly, the colors are breathtakingly beautiful. The picture either the lady and her habitat kept me looking at her in her situation with wonder. Charleston has a lot to be proud of in the facility alone. This event draws on the local talent and is most impressive. Art forms are so varied and complex, I would think it is difficult to judge such an event. Each piece holds its own fascination. Spoleto is indeed among the best overall events display for all cultures. What a window to the world this one segment displays. You, as a photographer capture the essence of the artist in a very unique and interesting light. Just one more reason I.want to see Charleston up close and personal due yo you sharing your perspectives in many different venues with me. I have to admit your action shots and soccer as a sport continue to entertain me as an arm chair spectator. Keep your camera snapping. Each gallery offers me a mental vacation at the click of my mouse. Great job.