• Judy Davis

    on February 17, 2016

    WOW! Beautiful winged creatures. They have such pristine presence and an almost regal appearance. Their individual expressions stand still in time. To share their space has a brotherhood feeling. When you observe them close up and personal they take your breath away with their presence. Seeing them in this venue is like sharing their space and time in 3 D. IMAX loud. I'm totally taken aback with the grandeur the impose. From each bird's point of view I see poetry in motion. The ambiance in their composed stance on the arms of a trainer, the majestic winspread as they take flight and their near perfect landing gives me a new respect for our feathered friends. As I browse this sight, I find myself wondering how truly free they feel in the air and know I need to pay closer attention to God's masterpiece's. I stand amazed in the presence seems a fitting phrase for my visit with you today. Thank you for sharing your talent, dedication and delight with me today. Peace, love and joy!