• Judy Davis

    on June 27, 2015

    I watched this game and an very proud you decided to tell the story as it really happened. Your choice of action shots are spot on. The fan shots speak volumes. I know it was a long and gruelling game. In my opinion the Battery out played Orlando from the minute the game began. It is a sport, a game of endurance. I saw a professional Battery team with loyal fans. The rude gestures and mockery displayed by the Orlando fans was very unprofessional, borderline indignant. It's one thing to play a game an another to win. The score at the end of the day is in no way indicative of of the team sports. Since this was an invitational, the powers that be need to watch this one and play close attention to the unacceptable behavior of the fans. I truly think the referees need to also review the call that was clearly unfair. In the future I hope the Battery makes solid invitational choices, not because of their standings, but because of their ability to play the game and bring fans with manners. There should be guidelines that have repercussions for unsportsmanlike behavior. In my opinion the Battery won.