• Judy Davis

    on July 9, 2015

    The Battery was in the house for sure. Your coverage of the game is so intense I keep going back and looking for the action. And you brought your A game to this match as a very detailed photographer. I have so enjoyed this season and am very proud of the Battery. Teamwork is key in this awesome sport and they've got it and more. The diversity of the players makes for a strong team. I'm with you, yes, yes and yes. They came, they played a game of championship sports and their hard work, teamwork and ability to bring it and deliver it all in one game is the stuff champions are made of. Thank you for the show. Congratulations on a job well done, over the top this time. I'm awestruck with so many of the shots. Bam! Bam! Bam! :-) I love that you started the gallery appropriately with fireworks and ended it with an explosive show. In my book, your professional talent is going through the roof. Your endurance is also very commendable. You stay the course. That is key. Keeping me entertained, you rock.