• Judy Davis

    on August 29, 2016

    They are the champions! They are the champions! Hear the chant. Catch the feeling. Share the joy. To see a dream become a reality is one thing. To come together with that dream team again to share victory among friends and fellow players is quite another. Scrolling through your review of faces gives me a sense of belonging, a brotherhood, a springboard into the futures of not one but many proud men. I can feel the intense desire in so many faces alone and together. They wear it well. Victory just looks right on them. They seem to have a commodore, a players unspoken trust in their faces. These are the times when dreams became reality and they all knew they had arrived. Bigger, bolder, with new found determination in remembering those early lean years; yes the price was worth it. Let's hear it for the boys! Twenty years seems like only yesterday and forever. Soccer looks so good on each face. It truly helped mold them into the men they became. What a fellowship!