• Judy Davis

    on February 2, 2016

    From the simplest to most intricate design you are spellbound by the beauty, workmanship and character of each piece . I'm amazed at the vast number of pieces and thrilled to share each and every detail. Stained glass has a way of capturing your interest and keeping you coming back for more. Much like your Bible these windows in particular tell the most amazing story ever told. I feel like I have been on Holy Ground. Such amazing talent and displayed in the most unique way possible. The genius behind this display is incomprehensible to me. Being a huge fan of stained glass, I know this was a labor of love. The colors so vibrant, the story so real and the experience of a lifetime in one historic Church is beyond my widest dreams. God's people all say, AMEN. Thank you for the invite to see a part of your world I may never have enjoyed without your expertise. I will revisit this site time and again and hopefully one day see it first hand.