• Judy Davis

    on October 16, 2015

    In light of this year's tragic event in Charleston, one that changed the course of history, took innocent lives and ultimately changed the course of history as we knew it; this is a most unique and intriguing journey back in time and at a time when time stood still. We are as a society not educated in the freedoms we are afforded. It is a very noetworthy effort on your part to chronicle this part of history. I revel in the fact that a single part of history that changed the course of history is forever changed. American history has been restructured. I am of the opinion that this should never have been an issue of the color of a man's skin but in fact, came about due to population growth and a dividing line in our physical makeup. Mostnaptly depicted in the classic, Gone With The Wind, we need to step back and reassess our freedom. Thank you for sharing this ionic part of Charleston's importance during a time long past gone to our present day view of our country's composite. The confederate flag's absense from this structure tells a story all it's own. Enjoyed my time with you!