• Judy Davis

    on February 4, 2016

    Just reading your information made me anxious to see this majestic piece of history. For over half a century she served her country well and now the USS YORKTOWN has a place of honor to call home at Patriot's Point & Maritime Museum. What an amazing addition to the harbor and a place many can visit and feel a bit safer knowing many service people called the USS YORKTOWN home from foreign soils. And she still has an awesome presence. Of all these shots 207 speaks loudest to me. The magnitude of the ship against the Ravenel Bridge is in proportion when in actuality the are both beautiful works of art and workmanship. "The Fighting Lady" was built to withstand the test of time and she delivered. The Ravenel Bridge is truly a magestic endeavour as well. You gave me an armchair view of Her Ladyship's glory with the best possible backdrop. Thank you again for sharing your epic talent.